Academic Staff
Head of Department and Chair Professor of Computer Science
Professor W. Wang

Professor B.C.M. Kao

Deputy Head (Academic)
Professor T.W. Lam
Professor F.C.M. Lau
Associate Dean of Engineering
Professor N. Mamoulis

Professor C.L. Wang

BEng(CE) Programme Coordinator
Professor Y.Z. Yu
Associate Professors
Dr. H.T.H. Chan

BEng(CompSc) Programme Director
Dr. K.P. Chan

Dr. R.C.K. Cheng

MPhil/PhD Programme Director
Dr. G. Chiribella
Dr. K.P. Chow

MSc(CompSc) Programme Director
Dr. L.C.K. Hui

Dr. H.F. Ting

Computing & Data Analytics
Programme Coordinator
Dr. K.K.Y. Wong
Dr. C. Wu
Dr. S.M. Yiu
Assistant Professors
Dr. H. Cui
Dr. Z. Huang
Dr. B. Oliveira
Research Assistant Professor
Dr. Y.K. Choi
Dr. C.K. Chui Dr. C.K. Chui
Dr. C.K. Chui
Dr. D. Schnieders
Dr. A.T.C. Tam Dr. A.T.C. Tam
Dr. A.T.C. Tam
Academic Advisor
Part-Time Instructors for UG Courses
Dr. T.W. Chim

Mr. G. Mitcheson
Honorary Staff
Professor D.W.L. Cheung, Honorary Professor
Professor F.Y.L. Chin, Emeritus and Honorary Professor
Professor S. Li, Honorary Professor
Professor T.H. Tse, Honorary Professor
Professor Amy Wang, Honorary Professor    
Professor J. Wang, Honorary Professor    
Professor H. Yang, Honorary Professor    
Dr. R. Li, Honorary Associate Professor    
Dr. B.L. Lim, Honorary Associate Professor    
Dr. K.H. Pun, Honorary Associate Professor    
Mr. X Xu, Honorary Assistant Professor
Dr. Vincent Lau, Honorary Lecturer
Dr. C.L. Yip, Honorary Lecturer