Dr. C.F. Chong

BSc, MPhil HK; MS, PhD Wisconsin, Madison

Tel: (+852) 2859 7070
Fax: (+852) 2559 8447
Email: chong<at>

Dr Chong began his academic career in this department uponcompletion of his doctoral study in the United States. His currentresearch interests include cryptanalysis (using stock or specializedhardware), digital signature schemes, and elliptic curve crypto-systems. He is an active member of the Centre of InformationSecurity and Cryptography and has contributed to the ISPfunded project on Strong Cryptographic Infrastructure forElectronic Commerce in the areas of cryptanalysis andprototyping various crypto-systems.

Research Interests

Cryptanalysis, Digital Signature Schemes, Elliptic Curve Crypto-systems

Selected Publications

  • L.C.K. Hui, X. Wang, K.P. Chow, W.W. Tsang, C.F. Chong, and H.W. Chan, The Differential Analysis of Reduced Skipjack Variants from The First Round, Proceedings of The ChinaCrypt2002Conference, Shandong, pp. 77-87, August 2002
  • L. Hui, K.P. Chow, K.H. Pun, W.W. Tsang, C.F. Chong, and H.W. Chan, Cyber Forensics, Company Secretary, 12(7): 43-47, 2002
  • L.C.K. Hui, K.P. Chow, K.H. Pun, W.W. Tsang, H.W. Chan, and C.F. Chong, Design of a Cyber Forensic Tool (invited paper), Proceedings of The Transnational Organized Crime Conference2002, March 2002
  • K.H. Pun, L. Hui, K.P. Chow, W.W. Tsang, C.F. Chong, and H.W. Chan, Review of The Electronic Transaction Ordinance: Can The Personal Identification Number Replace The Digital Signature?, Hong Kong Law Journal, 32(2): 241-257, 2002
  • Z.C. Li, L.C.K. Hui, K.P. Chow, C.F. Chong, W.W. Tsang, and H.W. Chan, Security of Wang et al.'s Group-Oriented Threshold Signature Schemes with Traceable Signers, Information Processing Letters, 80: 295-298, 2001