Database Research Group

The goal of the Database Research Group is to conduct leading research in mainstream database technology. Current thrusting research areas include: data mining and web mining, data warehousing, information retrieval, real-time databases, spatial databases, query processing and optimization, stream data processing, XML and ecommerce technologies, and data mining applications in bio-informatics.

Many projects of the Group have been funded by earmark grants from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council. Its members have been very active in publications in leading database conferences including SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, KDD, PAKDD, DEXA and DASFAA. They have also participated in international conference organizations and served in many program committees. Besides its engagement in basic research, the Group has developed experimental systems to evaluate novel research ideas. Members have also been very active in technology transfer, contributing to the advancement in local industry. Currently, the Group includes more than 15 active postgraduate students, which meet on weekly basis to foster the discussion and development of new research ideas. For details, please refer to the web pages of the Group.