The Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Laboratory

The laboratory concentrate on research in Pattern Recognition, Machine Translation, Image Processing and Computer Vision. There are 2 main theme in our research:

  1. Pattern Recognition and Chinese Computing
    We have been working on applying fuzzy techniques to Pattern Recognition and Chinese computing for more than a decade. Fuzzy techniques for character recognition and language processing has been developed. We are also developing a Machine Translation system between English and Chinese, using Knowledge-based approach and Example based approach. Recently, we are trying extend the fuzzy techniques to software testing.
  2. Image Coing Techniques & Digital Watermarking
    We have developed Subband image coding system using uniform/nonuniform filter banks and context modeling. Our result is comparable to or even better than the start-of-the-art coding techniques. Digital Watermarking techniques based on filter banks were also developed. Recently we are working on a complex-valued filter banks to perform motion estimation and compensation for video coding.

Dr. K.P. Chan is in charge of the laboratory.

On-going projects includes:

  • Chinese Character Recognition
  • Machine Translation
  • Non-uniform filter banks for subband image coding
  • Complex-valued filter banks
  • Fuzzy Techniques in Software Testing.