CS Technical Reports
Report Author(s) Title
TR-2017-05 Yuqiu Qian, Conghui Tan,
Nikos Mamoulis,
David W. Cheung
DSANLS: Accelerating Distributed Nonnegative Matrix Factorization via Sketching (PDF)
TR-2017-04 Tsong Yueh Chen,
Fei-Ching Kuo, Huai Liu,
Pak-Lok Poon, Dave Towey, T.H. Tse, Zhi Quan Zhou
Metamorphic Testing: A Review of Challenges and Opportunitiess (PDF)
TR-2017-03 TBC Secure your Everyday Life in the IoT age
TR-2017-02 Panagiotis Bouros,
Nikos Mamoulis
A Forward Scan based Plane Sweep Algorithm for Parallel Interval Joins (PDF)
TR-2017-01 Feng Sun, Yi-King Choi, Xiaohu Guo, Wenping Wang Shape-Preserving Meshes (PDF)